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Wainer Fitness
I'm looking for individuals that are passionate about health and fitness. To help people reach there weight loss and wellness goals. Well, I made that choice to pursue my passion, and it has changed my life. I've been able to leave the corporate world and create my own residual income. Coaching others while working a few hours a week as a virtual online coach. You don't have to be an expert; you just have to be a caring person that has the desire to help others.
Beachbody is a household name. We produce in-home fitness DVD's such as P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in Six, INSANITY, FOCUS T25, 10-Minute Trainer, Les Mills PUMP, Body Beast, Shakeology and many more.
We generate over 75,000 customers a week through our infomercials and we're looking for motivated people to help us with our customers. Yes... We give you the customers!!
Bill & Julie Wainer
(702) 683-5237

Don't Be Fooled

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